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18th January 2021

El Roi Plaza 4th Floor

El Roi Plaza 4th Floor Tom Mboya Street

Electric Fence & Razor wire

This is a physical barrier erected on top of a perimeter wall using electric shocks to deter intrusion in to a boundary. An effective Electric Fence is the first line of protection to any Premise from outsiders or 3rd parties. Razor wires are meant to injure intruder through tearing. Deeply experienced in setting up numerous electric fences with Razor wires which have proved effective to the numerous clients served.

Audio Visuals Systems

This involves combinations of Video outputs and sound through internet / Video conferencing or Hd. Video conferencing is applicable in boardrooms and institutions of research. Vastly experienced in configurations of Kramer & Exton networking panels and peripherals hubs

Data/Networking & Intercom

An interface of sharing information btwn computer and peripheral devices is what entails networking. We provide reliable end to end solutions using networking wireless devices from different providers like Cisco, Ubiquity, Mikrotik, Cambium networks, Engenius, Tp link among others. We also set up Intercom telephony end to end solutions ideal for communication within an office through LAN hence enabling local communication at no recurring cost.

Structured Cablings [Matv & Lan]

Running data cables and aligning connectivity is what entails Structured Cabling. It’s is an organized, standardized approach to network infrastructure that includes Category and Fiber cabling. This solutions enables data transmission though protected hardware; safe, efficient and easily maintainable. This Infrastructure serves a wide range of uses eg. Telephone, Computers, peripheral gadgets. It’s applicable too in apartments using coaxial cables where Aerial & Satellites signals are centralized to serve all occupants. Numerous assignments undertaken as attached herein.

Cctv Surveillance Camera Systems

Cctv Surveillance Cameras have proven over time to be efficient as regards crime reduction though motion detection. With varied lens specifications and focal diversity of HD, IP & FISH EYE applications. Setup can be viewed remotely to enable the client access though portable devices like android phones and can be port forwarded via cloud to be accessed directly on web. Deeply experienced in numerous projects countrywide for individuals, SMEs and Corporate clients.

Access Control & Alarm Systems

Access control systems perform Authorization, Identification, Authentication and Access approval though login credentials including passwords, PINs & Biometric Scans. This system is effective in selective entry & Exit. Experienced in major Access Control panels eg C3 & in Bio series. Alarm Systems are designed to detect intrusion in to unauthorized area. Alarm systems can run on cable or wireless. Alarms operate by triggering an amplified volume upon tamper hence attracting attention. Major alarms assignments done are Intruders, Burglars, Smoke & Fire. Major Programmed panels include Risco, IDS & Honeywells. Numerous projects undertaken on the same scope as attached on our herein.